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dashed line around title block border

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Hello All,


i have created a custom title block and discovered a dashed line around it which is probably the papersize itself. i would like to remove this line but i cant touch it nor do i find any options anywhere to switch this off.


can anybody help me here?






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It has been a while since I fought with this.  ;-)


The "outside" border of the Title Block Border is actually controlled by the Crop settings. The "inside" border is controlled by the Border settings.


If you don't need the outside line you can Edit the Style and change the Crop setting to None on the Sheet Zones and Grids page of the Style Settings.


If you want the outside line, but don't want it dashed it is a little trickier.


The basic layout of the title block is defined by a symbol named plankopf-A3 in the Title Block Border Style folder. If you edit this symbol, you will see that there is a dashed horizontal line near the top right corner. You can make the outline go solid by changing this line to Solid.


Alternatively, you can also make the outline go solid by simply selecting the dashed line and Send Back to put it as the back of the stacking order.


My guess is that the crop outline is inheriting the line type of whatever object is at the top of the stacking order in the symbol. By making that object have a solid line type it fixes the problem.


Let me know if you need more details.



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wow, thank you for your extensive answer, i really appreciate this!


i actually just wanted to get rid of the dashed line but know i know a bit more about that whole title block border mystery 😄


thanks again and best wishes from the other side of the pond,



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