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Delete a text file (.txt)

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I was wondering if there is a way to delete a text file (.txt) using a script.  I have various hole pattern files saved per a height code and a number saved to multiple text files (93AA-1.txt) which are being read to populate a dialog list browser and using the Read procedure. 93AA-1.txt has 20 parameters to populate line 1 of the list, 93AA-2.txt populates line 2 and so on for a limit of 9.  If the user wants to delete one of the patterns, I was hoping to delete the file to show the correct pattern list.  I tried to do all of the patterns in a single text file (ReadLn) but was unsuccessful in getting the pointer to read the correct line.


Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.


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  PythonExecute( 'import os' );
  PythonExecute( 'os.remove( r"C:\Users\admin\Desktop\remove.txt")' );

This should do it. Make sure the file is in a dir where VW has the permission to delete it.




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Thanks Pat, that works great.  One question, is there a way to make the file path contain variables?  I get an error when I try.

here is my method for finding the filepath to insure it exist before populating the dialog:


    fileName:=Concat('C:\Users\Eric\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2014\Stud Patterns\',FileCode,Ext,'.txt');

    GetFileInfo(fileName, fullReadPath, fullWritePath, readFileExists, writeFileExists, locked, hasReadPermission, hasWritePermission, hasFolderPermission);

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Check out the VS.GetVSVar function https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:GetVSVar


This will bring a Vectorscript Variable into Python Variable.


I filed a bug in November. If you pass a String variable through this function it loses the first character. If you pass a DynArray of Char it works properly. It is supposed to be fixed in SP3 whenever that is released.


Apparently the bug also impact the reverse function VS.SetVSVar.

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