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SoftGoods 2 2.5 Released!

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Happy 2021!


We trust that you are doing well and that you're finding ways to see “positive” in the new year.  Here, every day finds new ways to be grateful for things that were so easily taken for-granted a year ago...


If you're like us, you appreciate the "Bottom Line Up-Front" approach.  So...here you go:

Yesterday we released version 2.5 of SoftGoods 2.  If you're already part of the Landru Design tool family you will be receiving upgrade information shortly.  If not, you can stop by our VW Plug-Ins page for more info on our tools.


Now, for those who like such things, below are some general details about SoftGoods 2 version 2.5.  Every one of the things below are in direct response to input from users like you.  Is one of your requests on the list?


1)  The weight estimating system that was introduced in SoftGoods 2 version 2.3 has been significantly refined.  For example, the raw material specifications used by the tool to calculate Total and Distributed Weights are now managed through the “Raw Materials Options” dialog, allowing you to edit them on-the-fly.


2)  You can now use SoftGoods 2 to create double-wall Pipe-and-Drape runs.  You’ll find that all of the familiar "single-wall" 3D options are separately specified and applied for each wall.  Also, the tool accounts for the limited slider hanging points of the real-world hardware.




3)  The Pipe-and-Drape mode now offers additional hardware options, allowing you to do things like model layouts in which Pipe-and-Drape is to be placed along walls or situations in which uprights and/or bases are not used.  These new features will also help you in easily placing secondary Pipe-and-Drape runs on other runs’ bases.


4)  The SoftGoods 2 3D Options system has been improved.  You can now specify hardware color and textures that used to be hard-coded.  Also, the approach for specifying "By-Class"-driven textures has been greatly simplified.




5)  The SoftGoods 2 embedded text functionality has been expanded.  Adding to the "Bubble and Leader Line" and "Round Off Dimensions" features introduced in the last release, new Pipe-and-Drape labeling is included, allowing you to label drape "sides" and/or double-wall drape lines.


6)  The SoftGoods 2 Object Information Palette has been refined.  In addition to new fields being added ("Sandbags," "Drape Clips," "Pipe Note," "Container ID," "Vendor," and "Cost"),  if you use Vectorworks® 2021, you’ll have the ability to “collapse” parts of the OIP you may not often use.




If you'd like more detailed information, you can download a copy of the manual, HERE.


We hope you are as excited about the new features as we are!




Edited by C. Andrew Dunning
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