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Vision cannot load Library, DMX Providers / Artnet

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Hello everyone


After a clean install of a new system and Vision, I get a message, that Vision cannot load library from my C drive. 

See attached message. 


Have any experienced this problem? 

I am running on a newly build system, with Ryzen 9 5950x CPU


Best from Mathias 



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It looks like the latest Vision Windows installer is adding some additional unnecessary files to the DmxProviders folder. We will work on getting the problem corrected but till then.


Navigate to the DmxProviders folder in the install directory, typically C:\Program Files\Vision 2021\DmxProviders.



  • Artnet.exp
  • Aetnet.lib
  • Multiinput.exp
  • Multiinput.lib
  • sACN.exp
  • sACN.lib


The DmxProviders should ONLY contain

  • 32
  • app_updater
  • Artnet.dll
  • grandMA.dll
  • Hog3.dll
  • HogPC.dll
  • Multiinput.dll
  • sACN.dll
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  • 1 year later...


After a clean install of my system, and updating to Vision 2022, i get the popup i wrote about last year. 




I followed your guide @klinzey but the vision 2022 DMX providers folder looks right, regarding your advice. 

Here is a screen shot: 



I am using the same Vectorworks USB dongle as always. 


Is support for GrandMA2 net removed, or what to choose at the DMX providers dropdown? 

In this setup i am running from a console, directly connected to the PC, running the visualiser. 


Hope you can help again.  

Beat from Mathias 


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@mhersland 2 Things.

Make sure you use the Vision 2022 SP3 installer. We found an issue with the dongle drivers when installed on a new computer that was corrected with the SP3 installer.


Second run the Vision installer again (or run the repair) after you run the MA installer.

The MA installer installs the driver in the wrong location for the 64bit version of Vision.

I think this is your problem. The grandMA.dll in the DmxProviders folder should be 45 KB not 1,003 KB.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@Ciro Are you using Mac or Windows? If you are using Mac please make sure to update to the latest service pack of Vision 2022.
We fixed some network connection issues on the Mac in the latest service packs.

We also recommend you use independent artnet viewer software on the machine running Vision to verify that the machine is receiving the artnet signal.

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