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Importing PNG with Alpha Channel vw2012 - result black background



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@Andy Broomell @Andy Broomell 

23 hours ago, Andy Broomell said:

Are you importing it as a Bitmap object, or as an Image Fill in the Resource Manager?


Assuming the former, double check that "Import Alpha Channel" is checked:



Hi Andy, I'm on v2012, I don't have that option, what I have encl. 

23 hours ago, Andy Broomell said:


If importing as an Image Fill, I believe those can't have transparency. I get black whichever setting I use, including Reference. It's also black if I use in the Resource Browser as an image.


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Oh thanks Andy, that's a pity, looks like the problem has resurfaced with @jeff prince having similar issues.


With my image sheets I just crop them with a complicated viewport and all's fine and dandy, Hah, I think I've got a way, has just come to me; rather than make an alpha surround I'll do a 100% white surround, then I can just drop them on the sheet and not have to viewport them . That doesn't solve Jeff's problem tho'.


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