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Rotating view center unreliable, hopping around


This is probably one of those "Duh" questions so please forgive:


Basically, when rotating a model view using CTL + mouse scroller button one can set the rotation point where wanted. But move the view where that point is not within the display window and the next attempt to rotate finds the point relocated elsewhere.

It will stay put when obscured by other objects in the model but moves when the view has moved it off the display window. Then it can go anywhere.


Is there a setting that causes this rotation point to move only when moving it by using the CTL + mouse button or similar?



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I think CTRL+MMB uses the same settings Modes that you choose

for Flyover Tool. I think there are Middle of Screen, Selection and

a manual Center Option to choose from.


Start the Flyover Tool, play with its modes and leave with the Setting

you like and you should be good to go with CTRL+MMB again.


(Unfortunately that Setting is ignored for 3D Connexion Space Navigators,

which will always use to orbit around File origin, which is unlikely the

the center of choice in most cases)

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I have checked out the flyover tool options. The different modes behave as expected but the interactive origin mode (the one I need to use to choose my own origin) loses the specified origin if the origin is rotated or slid out of view. Then it begins in a new location not specified by the user.


The way I see it, this is a bug as I cannot see any setting that keeps the origin at the last position set by the user as described in the interactive origin mode.


The problem becomes acute when zoomed in close and trying to move into the ideal position for viewing a complex space.

Practically speaking, I need to show the 3d modeled interior for a client who would like to see what things look like, for example: leaning over the railing of a 3-story staircase tower. To move into just the right spot they prefer, I could rotate and slide to get close to the edge of the floor opening and then need to rotate down or up like one would move one's head to look to the different floors. But once I have moved to the edge of the stairs, the origin is out of view and when I try to "move one's head" to look down, the flyover rotation origin is way off and makes it extremely difficult to get into proper position.


What would be ideal is if they had a "human head" mode that let us drive the eyes of a virtual occupant through the model with joystick-like control. Short of that, I will settle for just having the flyover tool do what it claims to do in interactive origin mode.

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If 3D View Navigation is critical, I would think about testing a

3DConnexion Space Mouse device.

Yes, for me there are problems in VW with object center,

but especially if you prefer POV or fly through mode, they work

really well in VW.

(I personally just get ill in POV mode)

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Zoomer, many thanks. I should have thought of this before.

I am going to order one today.


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Just to follow up: I have started using the 3DConnexion space mouse and it is definitely helping. It takes a little practice but one big improvement is that you don't lose a bunch of time waiting for the mouse after each movement. 

When I use the mouse to move around a complex model, after each movement, VW takes a couple seconds to be available for the next move. With the space mouse, movement is immediately available at all times.

Also, the origin does follow you with the space mouse. There may be settings to anchor the origin but I find it works very naturally as the space mouse origin stays with you wherever you move. This means that you can "walk" down a corridor, turn the corner, go up the stairs and turn another corner and then pan around the room without the origin stuck back downstairs somewhere creating havoc.


Thanks again for the  tip on this handy little device. Highly recommended for anyone doing complex 3d modelling.


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