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Need help tracing over complex walls.

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I do a lot of tracing over PDFs for lighting plots.  Often, the set designer will draw walls that don't conform to the standard wall tool... or at least with my level of experience. 


This isn't a complex wall, but it was easy to explain my question. As you can see in the image:

# 1 -  Starts with a wall 4", which is a standard width for a set wall.

# 2 - Jumps to a larger width.

# 3 - Adds a little over hang.


Typically, I would draw the 4" wall and stop when it changes its size. Then create a new wall with whatever the new size would be, and then just join them.  This gets annoying with more complex sets.


Is there a simpler way to do this?  Using the standard "Create Walls from ...' has produced undesired results.


Any suggestions would be great.



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