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Can anyone help me join these walls together or build them? I've tried to draw seperate walls and join but it isn't working!


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I know they have to be on the same layer, I mean, I want to join the walls listed above in the photo's but I don't know how too - I'm drawing over building plans, but the bit where the wall is a corner (like a triangle) I can't join them together. I don't know how to draw the wall, or which wall join to use?

Does that make sense?

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It's a bit hard without seeing the file to know what are your walls + what is the 2D geometry you're drawing over. I think your file was 2021. I'm still on 2020.

Are the triangular sections in the building plans or have they been drawn by you? If drawn by you, how did you create them?

Like @michaelk said, you can use the 'Pillar...' command (AEC menu) to create irregularly-shaped walls like that: Walls will join to Pillars.

Another option is to use the 'Create Wall Projection...' command (AEC menu again).

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Ok thanks. So on the second floor layer I've drawn a Pillar to form that triangular projection.

1. Draw a polygon in top/plan the shape you want.

2. Use Split tool to cut your wall in two + drag each half back away from the triangle polygon.

3. Select the polygon + go to AEC>Pillar... Enter height for the Pillar (3000).

4. Polygon is now a pillar object. Go to O.I.P. + give it a bottom Z of 6000 to match the walls (you maybe want to set the elevation of your 2nd floor walls in the layer settings).

5. Use 'Wall Join' tool to connect the two halves of your wall up with the pillar.

Use the same process to join additional walls to the pillar: stop short when you draw them then use wall join tool to make the final connection.

You do get lines in 3D in OpenGL between the pillar + the walls which I find quite annoying but you might not!

With the other method I mentioned - create wall feature - the joins are seamless in all render modes so that's always another option you could investigate

Addiction project v2020-2.vwx


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