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Vision 2021: Error loading DMX Provider

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Hey all...I just wanted to start playing with my VizDongle and installed the latest update of Vision 2021. As I tried to change the DMX Provider I got 6 error messages. All gelong to ArtNet, sACN and Multiinput. I can chose MA-Net2 and MA-Net3 and its working. Mean I don't need sACN and Artnet but error messages are a pain ;-)

I attach the error messages belonging that protocols. I already deinstalled Vision, deleted all folders and reinstall it....same problem. Therefor I thought it might happen cause Vision 2020 was installed, but also that was deinstalled and then Vision 2021 fresh....same problems.


Any idea?







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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It looks like the latest Vision Windows installer is adding some additional unnecessary files to the DmxProviders folder. We will work on getting the problem corrected but till then.


Navigate to the DmxProviders folder in the install directory, typically C:\Program Files\Vision 2021\DmxProviders.



  • Artnet.exp
  • Aetnet.lib
  • Multiinput.exp
  • Multiinput.lib
  • sACN.exp
  • sACN.lib


The DmxProviders should ONLY contain

  • 32
  • app_updater
  • Artnet.dll
  • grandMA.dll
  • Hog3.dll
  • HogPC.dll
  • Multiinput.dll
  • sACN.dll
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