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Callout custom libraries and workgroup folders

The Hamma


Since we a group in an office we have created a workgroup folder to keep our libraries common among all users.   This works great except when it comes to Custom callout libraries.  As you see I have a custom library chosen in by callout dialog named VA_Keynotes.txt. 


And the next slide shows what I see when I press the Choose button.  (the typical windows explorer window) This is my personal Notes folder contained within my personal user folder. 

If I want to choose the database that is in my workgroup folder I have to navigate to the server and down into the workgroup library to choose the database. 


   In my opinion this should show me library similar to the one below so that I can quickly choose the database that is the workgroup folder instead of having to navigate to it every time I start a new drawing


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If you were on Mac I would suggest putting a Symbolic Link from the user folder /Defaults/Notes pointing to the Workgroup folder. I am sure there is a Windows equivalent, but I have no idea what it is.


If Notes is truly not looking for the Workgroup, then I think it is a bug and you should file a bug report.


This thread talks about linking the Workgroup and User folders together.


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My workaround to this (on windows) is to have a folder on my desktop containing shortcuts to files and locations that I often need to access. This includes shortcuts to my workgroup folder, user folder, backups folder, and my note library .xml file.

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