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Future program additions for saved views



To the code writers for future versions of vectorworks.

I have been a long time user of vectorworks 12+ years of use.

I have a suggestion for you to do with the saved views and how we

access them.  Right now you can access your views by way of the icon in the tools bar which

lets you make a new view and edit views as well as access your saved views.


How about if we were to add tabs at the bottom or top of the drawing window with all of your

saved views so you just go to one of the tabs and select it and your there.

Even though I am only talking about 1 click action but that would make the access much

simpler and you don’t have to have a dialogue box come up and select the views.

You would still need to have the icon to make a view or you could add this to the right click menu

that would have the option to make a view or edit a view instead of the icon altogether.


I am thinking these would be similar to tabs in excel on the bottom or numbers the top

of the drawing area and they wouldn’t take up much room either.

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It won't be buttons at the bottom, but you can open the Saved Views in a script palette. Then they will always be open and just take a double click.


Windows menu. Look for Script Palettes at the bottom of the file and click on Saved Views to put a check mark next to it. Unfortunately it will be a floating palette and can't be docked.


I do like you idea, just wanted to let you know what you can do that is kind of close right now.

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