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Problems w/ extrude along path

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Whenever i try the new extrude along path I find that the orientation of resultant extrusion is rotated 90? from that of the primitive i used.

e.g.: a tall rectangle extruded along a path results in a wide rectangular extrusion. The extrusion path seems to work correctly but the orientation of the object is screwy. This seems to happen regardless of the type of object [rectangle. poly, NURBS] I use and whether or not I insert a locus. I can work around it by rotating the primitives but it's a pain - particularly with assymetrical or elaborate profiles like moldings and trims.

I've also found that Renderworks rendering of extrusions along paths don't properly map the texture along the path- it just treats the whole object as one big extrusion as far as mapping the texture. So I can't have my shingles to wrap around the corners of my curved roof eaves for example when i use extrude along path. That's a shame 'cause the forms look great in 3-d space w/ the NURBS and no faceting!

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The profile is extruded as a vertical section that has been laid to the right on its side. Arrange your profile with the bottom of the section to the left. If you are extruding around a square, put the out side of the section facing down and the bottom to the left. Works for me.

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