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Preserve Record when Composing

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Is it possible to compose 2 objects while preserving attached records?


Current behavior

- Open Polygon (A)  has record attached

- Line is drawn to close polygon

- Compose command is used to create a closed polygon (B)

- Record is lost.  Polygon B has no records.


This question also applies to other types of object combination & transformation.


VWX Help Compose help topic does not mention records.


Thanks for any help you can provide!



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I just tried this in VW2021 SP2 and I did not lose the record. It did not matter which order I did the compose in.


If both objects have a record attached, then the record from the object lower in the stacking order (object in the back) seems to control the record the composed object has. I could not get it to attach both records.

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Thanks Pat, you got me most of the way there.  In the end, the piece I was missing was layer stacking order.  My conclusions: 


Stacking order determines which records are preserved. Ensure that the object you want to preserve is on the bottom. Layers and layer order matter, if the object you want to preserve is on a layer who's stacking order is above the other object, it doesn't matter what the object's stacking order is, the layer stacking order will control.

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