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Rhino.Inside for Vectorworks



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18 hours ago, xxubiqts said:

I feel like this thread is losing the point a bit...

Almost any 3D modeling software these days is capable of impressive results. It's not really about what is the "best" modeller. Vectorworks is great, Rhino is great, Blender is great, etc.


Rhino.Inside would be nice to have because:
- There is nothing else like Grasshopper and its huge network of plugins for everything from acoustic modeling to building science analysis. Just check out https://www.ladybug.tools/

- It is widely used in digital fabrication which is common in architecture offices (CAM, 3d-print, etc.)

- It would be another "checkmark" for VW when compared to Revit and ArchiCAD (there is a reason they've included it!)

I agree 100% with this ^^. This thread is so far off-topic — there may be interesting things being discussed, but it is no longer about the original wishlist request.

Both Revit and ArchiCAD already have Rhino.Inside functionality, and this wishlist request is asking that functionality also be provided in Vw. 


Many architectural graduates in the U.S. already know Rhino — as that is one of the applications that many of them are taught / use in their studies. Providing Rhino.Inside for Vw would open up this application to those practitioners who might be drawn to Revit or ArchiCAD because of their Rhino.Inside functionality. 


VW may have resisted developing Rhino.Inside for Vw because they may argue that since we already have Marionette, why do we need Rhino.Inside? As @xxubiqts noted, you would be hard-pressed to try and duplicate the functionality of Rhino add-on packages like — Grasshopper (algorithmic / generative design), Ladybug (environmental design), Honeybee (daylight and radiation simulation) — using only Vw’s Marionette, if it were even possible.

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18 minutes ago, Mark Aceto said:

Not sure how mesh-based Rhino


I think Rhino is not Mesh based.


It is mostly NURBS based.

So like a Mesh it feels like non-Solid but (NURBS)Faces only.

But Rhino can make feel its volumetric NURBS Faces like Solids

or NURBS Faces like simple planar Faces.

(BTW, I hate that 2nd order NURBS cross in each Face ... AFAIK if you

do not actively suppress this, it will also export Faces that way)


Just if you are an unexperienced user and use the wrong Tool,

you likely will accidentally pull out a Solid's Face or distort one

of your planar Faces with ease.


So I think between most clear (ACIS, Parasolid, ...) CAD Volume Modelers

and typical Mesh Modelers (Blender, 3DSMax, C4D, Modo, Maya, ..........) or

some do it all combos like FormZ,

Rhino is its own phenomena with NURBS first approach.


But I would bet that Rhino "Volumes" can come into other Apps

(Bricscad (?)) as Solids if needed.

As it also seems towork by IFC imports, but I would need to test that if that

also works with IFC exported from true Mesh Apps, like via BlenderBIM .....

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Everything I import from Rhino is a mesh, takes forever (if it succeeds at all), and brings VW to a crawl. I've experimented with quad remeshing, mesh reducing, and converting to SubD within Rhino with limited success. Long story short: every other modeling app (aside from Solidworks) is exporting mesh objects. I need to find a workflow that doesn't choke VW.

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10 minutes ago, Mark Aceto said:

Everything I import from Rhino is a mesh, takes forever (if it succeeds at all), and brings VW to a crawl. I've experimented with quad remeshing, mesh reducing, and converting to SubD within Rhino with limited success.


I did not really speak for VW imports 🙂

I just meant that AFAIR I have seen that already or think it would be possible

that importing Rhino could bring in Solids ....


Was there a link to any suitable Rhino File that I could test .....

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OK I took the Bolt demo file from here :




Bricscad Rhino Import is Windows only ....

But I went through all PC hazzles.


Bricscad imports (the screw part only !? ****)

but it is a true ACIS Solid :





So I think, if VW would it could also import Generic Solids.

I just assume, as VW also has NURBS functionality, they wanted

to keep the NURBS control (?)



Probably because the Washers seem to be hollow,

as it looks for the VW NURBS Faces import ....



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