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Joining pipes

Tom W.

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Hi could someone tell me the best way to get from this to this?:


I ended up extruding the pipes so they overlapped, using the analysis tool, putting in a working plane, drawing a rectangle + extruding it then running subtract solid to trim each pipe end in turn:


This was fine but rather long-winded + I'm sure there's a much cleverer way to do it, I just couldn't find it!


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Hi Pat thanks that was the first thing I thought but I couldn't get the tools to snap on the line where the two pipes intersected...

However I've had another go + if I use the analysis tool to generate a disc where the two pipes intersect then in orthogonal view I can snap onto this with the trim tool + cut the mitres on the pipes. This feels a much better method than how I did it before

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Thanks @Hans-Olav I think you're right.


However I also realised that if I did want to work with the 3D tubes rather than extrude a profile the easiest way is just to trim the tube ends to the correct angle separately (using trim tool in orthogonal view + setting the angle in the floating data pane) then drag them together


Not sure why I made such a meal of it thank you!




Having said that it was good to play with the analysis tool

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