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Section viewport display attributes HELP!!


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I know this topic has been floating around in historic posts, but, I'm hoping someone can answer my question below unequivocally (feel a bit silly as I've been using VW for years):


Within the Advanced Section Properties of the Cut Plane, can I have each object's respective fill be shown, and add a profile line to the cut elements? Seems I can either alter the settings to specify the profile line, or the fill, but not both. Have I missed something very basic here?







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41 minutes ago, mthompson said:

yes! However my 'profile line class' doesn't seem to show anything but a line line, despite it being set to 0.35.


Is there another setting I have missed?


The profile line is only applied to the profile of "structural" objects (walls, slabs, roofs, etc.).  It works this way because applying it to all cut object (including doors, windows, etc.) can make drawings too muddy.

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