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Section Drawing and Site Models

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A couple of workflow questions:


1. Wondering how to get the Site Model to render behind the slabs, hardscapes, and walls. My site model is on my lowest layer but still renders over my hardscape objects that are on higher layers...


2. How do people fill in the 'empty space' areas in my screen grab?   Areas below the amended soil in planter boxes for example.


3. Is it best to just hand draw the earth?  

        I have on another file where I followed a video by Evan Alexander (where he suggest you do all your elevations on a separate design layer and 'convert copy to lines') and have drawn all my elevations in 2D using a section viewport as the base of the drawings.


4.Is there a place to set just 'section fill' options for classes like in the 'components' menu?

     I set the class fill to the 'earth hatch' so I could get a section fill for the site model - this seems like the wrong way to go about it as it also filled my site model in top/plan - which is not helpful.






The  'Site' Layer info:

  • On 'Site' class
  • Class set to an 'earth' hatch and a .35 thickness line
  • There are site modifiers in the form of pad, contour, and grade limits.
  • There are Slabs, Hardscapes and Walls - but none of the slabs are set to 'slab modifier' - using the pads and contours 


Here's a screen grab of my section:



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