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Schematic Viewports / Lightwright


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More of a Lightwright question rather than strictly Vectorworks. I have a series of vertical pipes with S4 pars on so have made a schematic viewport for each one. In Lightwright I'm seeing every lamp twice - both with the same info. I'm assuming its seeing the lamp in the drawing and the viewport version which in theory is the same one. 


Any thoughts out there?




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I don't know enough about schematic views, but if there is more than one lighting device that represents the same light, then there will be more than one row in Lightwright. I thought schematic views were for display purposes on the plot only. I've never tried using them, so I'm sorry to say I'm not much help.


If the schematic view is just a viewport, it shouldn't be sending duplicate info to Lightwright. It sounds like in creating the viewport somehow additional lighting devices were created. One thing you can try doing is select the worksheet rows in Lightwright one at a time and use the Edit/Select/Select in Vectorworks command, then click on Vectorworks and see what's selected. That might help you figure out where the duplicates are coming from.


Can someone with experience in schematic views help here?


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