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Not a happy experience

Anthony Charnley


User feedback: I am taking the plunge (for a new employer) into learning VW and thought that 3D BIM would be the way to go. I have a Victorian farmhouse project that I am extending, so I am modelling the existing building. Drew the walls no problem. Now how about the windows? Here is the list so far of difficulties


- Timber sill . The walls are 500 thick. After hours of research gave up on sill as it has to line up with internal wall face - unless I use the dark arts to turn it into a symbol- or would a group be better?. Meanwhile the diagram showing the myriad of settings clearly shows the sill relating to the outside of the wall. Oh dear - have resigned myself to omitting it and applying external trim separately

- Splayed reveals: The existing building has deep splayed reveals in plan only. The window tool has no option other than reveals in plan and section. Nor can I find an understandable way of extracting a splayed solid from the wall

- Internal sill board. Made a trapezoid shape, extruded it and tried to apply a wood texture. Big mistake - in spite of trying every combination of settings, I can only get the textures to display on the edges and not the top face.


So far this one window has taken me hours! On checking on here, these three issues with Vectorworks have been posted  going back to 2013, and could have been solved by updates to the software. I am aware that learning something can't be rushed and am prepared to invest time and energy. But to keep hitting brick walls will kill me.

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Good! I am fairly new to all this myself so good to be tested on it...


When you say nice white walls I assume you're talking about removing the cross-hatching below?

Screenshot 2021-01-12 at 14.47.48.png

As I mentioned earlier I got rid of it by making the 'Ground Floor' design layer invisible (you had it set to grey). I noticed also that making the 'Site Works' layer visible has a similar effect (turns the drawing into a Hogarth engraving). But if I'm honest I don't know why exactly these layers are causing this: are these layers imported DWG geometry? It's not something I've come across before but I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than me will know. The advice generally is to always import DWGs into a new blank file then often you'll bring it into your working file as a referenced design layer viewport, possibly to avoid issues such as you're experiencing but like I say I don't really know


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