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Scaling Mesh

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Has anybody had any luck scaling Meshes? I'm really struggling to make this happen correctly on the Z plane. I've tried a bunch of different things with the results being middling at best.


1: Scale Node

By design the existing Scale node will not recognize a Mesh as a 3D object. It is check for type values 24 (Extrude), 84 (CSG Solid), or 113 (NURBS Surface), therefor the object is assumed to be 2D and will only scale on the XY axis out of the box. I've also attempted grouping the mesh first prior to scaling as i found this to solve some wrapper issues I had with the scaling node on previous projects, but this doesnt help either.


2: Scale Node Modified

Attempting to add mesh as an option by modifying the node to include t == 40 still doesn't work. Mesh is only scaled on the XY axis. Going even further on the modification to this node and stripping it of all conditions and forcing the handle straight into the vs.HScale3D vectorscript command still will only scale on the XY axis for me.


3: Set 3D Info

Just doesn't seem to work with meshes at all as far as I can tell?


4: Setting the Mesh Vertex

Partial success here.... By getting the list of all the vertex points in the mesh and giving them new coordinates that were doubled values works... sort of. It will function just fine for a smaller simpler example like shown here, but is slow and very often breaks in weird ways when I attempt it with substantially more detailed mesh objects I'm importing (around 30-50k polys).


5: Scaling Rotating Scaling and Rotating...

What finally seems to be the best solution is obnoxiously more involved and just copes with only being able to scale on the XY axis. Scale once for the XY, rotate 90 on X, Scale again for Y, then rotate back. It's getting the job done but this is way steps and code than should be required to do this...


Anybody have any thoughts or observations on this matter? Am I missing something here, or is the scale function just broken in script?



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