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Update Rack Elevation creates duplicate devices, instead of updating names

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This is probably related the post linked below.. Right now there is a very annoying bug that if i change a name of a device, the next time i go to update rack elevation for the sheet. It does not update the device name, but instead creates a duplicate device.


On this same note, It probably should also be if a symbol is deleted it would change the rack elevation to red on the rack view sheet so we can identify devices that no longer have any use but are still in the rack.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Kevin


Happy New Year! That's not exactly a bug. The name is the way that devices are related to their physical equipment. And you can have more than one schematic device referencing the same piece of equipment. Duplicate-modify is a powerful workflow in ConnectCAD. You can create part of a schematic say an input processing chain, then duplicate this to create similar channels, rename the devices and boom you're done. Now what happens if that device name change was propagated to the equipment ?


Quite often when you are re-working an existing system you will define pieces of equipment that aren't the schematic and that's normal. Update Rack Elevation leaves these selected so you can just hit delete and get rid of them. But I don't think we can flag them as errors.


Good to debate these things. Not sure there's a case to change them yet.


Thanks, and all the best!



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