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Sharing on a NAS


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I succeeded in installing the psserverd on the Synology NAS, but I can't find it from my local Vectorworks when tryin' to connect.

Also I can't uninstall the psserverd the I previously installed on my Mac because I can't find the psserverd uninstall files in /Library/Preferences

Any idea?




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Hi @Renaud 


I don't know how it works your NAS, but to install Vectorworks project sharing server it need Windows or Mac in your machine.


I think that most NAS using Linux, and you don't have the access to install softwares.


I recommend to install Vectorworks project sharing server in Mac or Windows Machine that have access of this NAS, and set the server to store these files in this NAS.



Paulo Ferrari

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Hi Paulo, it maybe a solution while I still can't connect to the server, but I would like to try once before to install properly the server on the NAS.


Anyway it seems very ok to run the server on the NAS via Docker emulation, I am just lost at the moment cause I can't connect to the server from VW once launched, it maybe a question of configuration.

The only server I can join thru the "open a project file on the server" (in French @ my place)  is the one I previously installed on my Mac.

So would like to uninstall the psserverd on my Mac but and I can't find the right way to do it.

Some tutorials say to uninstall from /Library/Preferences/psserverd but I can't see such a file in that place (either on the root library than on the local one).

If anybody can help for that…


I join screen caps of the server running, and of the connections attempts from VW.


Capture d’écran 2021-01-08 à 10.04.52.png

Capture d’écran 2021-01-08 à 10.07.17.png

Capture d’écran 2021-01-08 à 10.09.40.png

Capture d’écran 2021-01-08 à 10.10.01.png

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I havent tried a NAS setup but when connecting to the server use " Open server based project file..." in the FILE menu. Your server should be visible there. 

Or you can save your current file as a server based file, navigating to the NAS.

I remember to have seen some in detail instructions but can't find them at the moment 



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1 hour ago, Renaud said:

@Paulo Ferrari

Thanks Paulo, I reinstalled the psserverd on my Mac and targeted the project directory on the NAS, it seems to work, I need to try now it with other Macs on the lan.

I'll try the installation described in the previous post another day! ^^


Oh nooooo!

Now this "classic install" of the server seems ok and the server is visible and attainable from all the macs on te lan, but the function command-shift-S to save and propagate the changes doesn't seem to work… 😕

I opened two workfiles on two different macs from the project file on the server, and the changes are not effective as we propagate… vw says that there is no refresh available…


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For those interested, the correct path to uninstall the project sharing server on your Mac is :

/Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/psserverd/scripts/

There is an uninstall.sh script in the file that you can launch

My source is the support! ^^


By the way you can also find there a start.sh and a stop.sh scripts that could help to start or stop the server I presume!

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About my configuration,

I reinstalled the server on my Mac but targeting the NAS to place a shared directory for project files.

There it works

Important, in order to make the server effective, its important to share the first time your project via the server (see screen-cap)

And then to "open a server based project file" when you want to collaborate.

You still can open the file directly from the NAS but then your modifications won't propagate.



Thank you all, hope other noobs like me will find answers here!



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