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Hoist Connector Type


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I am working on switching my workflow from what is now the "legacy Hoist" tool to the current hoist tool (2021).  


I see the field for Connector Type.  We use the very standard P14 type of connector for our chain hoist power distribution system.


I don't see anything that obviously jumps out as being that in the connector type.  Am I missing something?  What connector type should I be using?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The hoist connector field uses the new cable tools connector list, the list is a xml file stored in the Vectorworks file structure and can be edited by any simple text editor (I tend to use notepad as its free) or xml editor.


You can find the 'Cable Connector.xml' in

Vectorworks>Libraries>Defaults>Cable Tools


When adding to the list you need to use the following format

<Entry UniversalName="AAAAA" LocalizedName="aaaaa" />

AAAA is the formal manufacturers name

aaaa is the shorter common form of the name (slang like soca, or maybe a company naming convention), that will appear in the connector drop down for the hoist and all elements of the new cable tools suite


The order of the connectors in the xml file dictates the order they will be shown in the connector dropdown of the hoist object and cable tools

Once you have finished editing the xml file and saved it, you will need to restart VW before the changes will be detected by Spotlight.


Once you have added the new connector you can also create new cable parts for the cable tools if you desire using them, by opening the the cable part libraries and adding new part symbols to the files (simple 2D symbol with the Cable part data record attached). Once you have finished editing the cable parts libraries you will need to manually import the library changes into Spotlight by using the update button in the Manage cable parts dialogue (found in the Spotlight  menu in the preview section)


If there are other common rigging cable and connector types missing please let me know and I will look at preparing a cable library for them.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Currently this file will get overwritten if any library changes are made at our end, so for the moment I would make sure to keep a back up of the edited xml in your user or work group folder so you can copy the edits back in as needed.

I have put an enhancement request in to make it possible for the cable tools suite to sync this file from a user or work group folder in the future.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I'll get it added to the cable connector xml file

Since it will  will likely not happen until service pack 5, you can edit the cable connector xml yourself to add it.


Go to your application folder> Libraries>Defaults>>Cabletools

and open the CableConnectors.xml with a simple text editor or xml editor, if you are on Windows Notepad works pretty well.

Below is the entry for the VEAM P-14, copy and paste it into the xml.


<Entry UniversalName="VEAM P-14" LocalizedName="P-14">


The position you paste it into the xml controls where it appears in the cable connector dropdowns through out the cable tools suite,

the universal name is used internally by the tools and the localized name is the name that will be displayed in the cable connector dropdowns.

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