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PDF/CAD Import Class Color Not Changing



I converted a PDF of a floorplan in AutoCAD to a DWG file then imported the DWG file into Vectorworks. After this I changed all of the lines to 1 layer. Then I am trying to change the class of some individual lines and the class changes but the color of the line does not show as the class color on some areas, other areas it shows though. Dashed lines show up fine but for example I want to change all my doors to green. Some of the doors change to green on the door class others stay grey in the line fill which is set to Class Style. The Class Style is set to green so technically it should be green.


I attached a couple screen shots from the same drawing:

  • In "1" that the doors and swings are transferring the attributes fine.
  • In "2" the attributes show as grey.
  • "3" shows that my doors and swings are set to green.


I imported the same PDF into Vectorworks directly so I could ungroup it but all of the lines do not come in. I tried another PDF imported into Vectoworks and ungrouped it until I could get lines out of it. When doing it this way I do not have the same problem. The colors of the classes change when I change the class.




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I solved this problem. Some of the properties of the doors in the AutoCAD file are set on a grey color while other are set "By Layer". I changed everything to "By Layer" before saving the AutoCAD file and importing it into Vectorworks.


I however did not solve the problem of importing the PDF directly into Vectorworks and ungrouping it to create lines. Some lines are there and other missing still.

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