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Hidden line render mode issues with window IDs & surface hatches


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I'm having trouble with a few display issues in my hidden line elevations. These seem to only show up in hidden line render mode, not in OpenGL (I've attached a PDF of both to illustrate the issues).


  • Issue #1 The surface hatch of the  siding is missing on part of the elevation (PDF attached). The wall itself is continuous, but the texture is getting interrupted for some reason (shown in pink in attached PDF)
  • Issue #2: window IDs - the window ID text is missing from the East and some South windows. The ID hexagon is there, but the text is missing (shown in green in attached PDF). I checked and the ID text class is turned on. The second window ID issue is that some window IDs from the opposite side of the building "ghosts" through the building  (shown in cyan in attached PDF).


Any idea what might be causing these issues in hidden line render mode?



Elevation window ID issue_OpenGL.pdf Elevation window ID issue.pdf

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@EvelyneB  Not sure why but the hidden line hatch works in an elevation (front, back, left, right) view.  Not sure why it fails in a section view.  But if you try that viewport as a back view rather than a section it works.


You might also want to check "Use World Z for Origin" in the render tabs for the walls to make sure the texture bridges the first and second floors.

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Are there any solutions to this that have been shared?


I have a similar problem - one wall type shows the surface hatch in hidden line elevation VP - other different walls do not.


settings seem to be the same for the various walls -ie in OIP - render by component.


wall components seem to have same types of settings appropriate to their surface/material...


display surface hatch on in background settings.


classes are on....what to try next?


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To fix the window IDs, I check the box for "Display 2D fills" in the viewport's OIP.


Unfortunately I haven't found a solution to fix the triangulated interruptions in the textures. A Vectorworks employee contacted me and this seems to be a glitch. The workaround is to draw in the missing patches in annotation with a polyline with a hatch fill and carefully align it to the rest of the wall's texture. Needless to say, it's a huge pain and does not update automatically if anything changes in the model, but it's all I've found for now.

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Thanks, I hadn't noticed the "Display 2d Fills" check box.


I had a play with your file and found that if you delete the wall bottom peaks it seems to resolve the issue:





Edit: I see though you want a bottom offset. So instead of using a bottom offset, with the wall selected, use the reshape tool to drag the bottom of the all down. This gives the same look but no "bottom offset". Alternatively something else that might work is use another wall style that has the btm offset as part of the actual style. This way might be better as just the cladding can have the bottom offset rather than the whole wall.


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