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parametric wall/floor/roof generator

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Are there any nodes, marionettes or other types of features inside of VW in order to parametrically create wall types from an excel spreadsheet? I.E. you have a series of fields for material thicknesses, descriptions, UL ratings, Marks, etc... that can parametric ally created the wall with all of those elements filled in? Keeping a UL wall type / floor type / Door / Window library I think is becoming very important, and since there are many proprietary as well as generic wall types to choose from based on STC Ratings, UL Ratings, Height limitations, etc... I think it is necessary to create a tools that can easily solve the problem of these libraries parametrically.


I know it's longwinded, but, again if it makes sense - > excel - > marionette or script -> Wall style / FloorStyles / Window Style / Door Style

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This is certainly possible in VW2021 in Vectorscript/Pythonscript. You could certainly write nodes to make Marionette do it also, but if you are doing that I would suggest just leaving it as a Python script.


It would not be an especially complicated script, but it probably would be quite long as you would need to handle every one of the settings for each component.


VW2021 has the ability to read directly from an Excel file, so getting the source data in is possible, but not necessarily easy.


I don't have time to even do a mockup of this right now, but if you have a sample of the data in Excel, please post it so I can think about how to use that format.

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Wow! Thank you!

Here is a sample GA assembly system catalogue detail



Also attached is a sample excel spreadsheet to input the information in the appropriate fields of the components.


There are two ways of going about it, using a concat command to summarize description of all components for the description, Wall style name, Wall Type Mark, etc..., or to have manually configured ones. Which ever is easier to build.

Fire Resistant Assemblies.xls


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