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Plant symbol Image props invisible.

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Is there a "turn of image props" setting?


All my 3D image prop plants disappeared (except for a 3D locus point).

They've also lost there association with the site model.

I can 'send to surface' and they arrange themselves as if they where at the surface... but all of them are below the site model by 190'.


What I've Tried:

  • I turned all layers and all classes to visible - but the plants are still not visible.
  • I can select them - and have tried putting them on different layers or classes. Still only the locus point
  • I switched to wireframe and back to open GL
  • Top/plan they show properly.
  • I've copied a plant model from a backup - it is visible in the back up but it pastes invisible exceptpt for the locis point.
  • If I copy an invisible plant an paste into a older backup of the file it's fine.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

zoom back as they are probably above or below your model. Select the plant props and change the z value to 1" then back to Zero. This trick wakes up the plants and sends them back to surface.

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