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VW2021 Space tool - OIP - area sum up



Hello everyone,


In VW2021 - Space tool - OIP the "Area" field seems missing. Quite a big issue for us at the office, since we were used to quickly check there areas sum ups (multiple selection of space objects) both for space planning studies in early stages and for quantities check in DD and construction stages.

Any suggestion? I am aware it is possible to extract data info in sheets or convert space to polygons and polylines... but the Area field is/was a very useful tool for quick selections/checks.


Thanks in advance for any reply!


VW2020-VW2021 OIP Space Tool Area.png

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6 minutes ago, Tamsin Slatter said:

On the Space Settings, click Advanced Settings. Here, you can choose which properties you wish to have available on the Object Info palette.


Yes, but I'm not sure that users can see directly multiple object's area (sum of..) on OIP, like on STR's example.


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Thanks @Tamsin Slatter, I had thought about but it looks like the "Area" OIP data I am referring to is not among the "customizable" items available in the "Space settings / Advanced settings". In the meantime I submitted this to our local distributor tech support as well, and it has been forwarded to VW (via bug report I guess, thanks @Pier Luigi @Zeno).

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Hello all, 
we have intentionally hidden this sum information field, because the display cannot reflect the correct value of the space object.We have 3 different definitions on the Room object; displayed, net and gross areas, which may all be different in some cases. 
We are currently working on a solution to solve this request in a different way. 

I will inform you as soon as we have worked out a solution.
Thanks a lot

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Hi Michael,


Thanks, for your clarification.

Maybe adding «surface displayed» in the OIP would have been a better solution rather than deleting it, while waiting to improve it… because that's a very often used functionality (I mean very very often), as @ida mentioned.

So for now, I keep using v2020 (although I do own the v2021) because of that kind of regression.


I hope it will be fixed in v2021 SP2.1 !

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