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translation troubles from VWA1.01 to VWA9

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I just installed my new VWA9 over the weekend. I am trying to work in VWA9 with two drawings created in VWA1.01, but I'm having 2 problems so far. One problem occurs when I go to the lighting|set sun position command under the view menu. I get an error message regarding the sun position (originally set in the VWA1.01 file) -- then the very next time I try to chose another command in the view file menu the program crashes.

Second problem: I've been trying to use the new VWA9 Modify Layers and Classes command to save my office class and layer standards as .txt files that can then be loaded into new drawings. First I open my VWA1.01 "office template" file in VWA9 (it says that it's translating it to version 9...) Then using the new Modify Layers etc command I add all the existing classes over to the proposed column, click save and assign a file name, then do the same for layers, then finish. The problem is that when I try to load the saved class and layer .txt files into a new VWA9 drawing none of my classes or layers are in fact loaded.

Are my problems just more program bugs to add to the long list that seem to be affecting VWA9?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Modify Layers and classes was not designed to setup a document, it was designed to modify and existing document. Modify layers and classes will not create layers or classes when loaded from a saved mapping file. If the None and the Dimension class move into the proposed list then things are working correctly.

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