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migrate renderworks style

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I would convert the VW 2020 source file.

(Open in VW 2021, save as VW 2021)

Open another new or target File in VW 2021 and

Drag/Import the Render Style over in Resource Manager.


Ahm, this was meant if you want to import a 2020 RW Style from

any old file into a VW 2021 project.


If you want to go on working with an old file that includes resources,

of course you can just open the old file in VW 2021 and save it.

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44 minutes ago, Christian Fekete said:

I think the render works file need to be in the renderworks style folder of the 2021 library defaults and moving the 2020 style to that folder does not work. 


It works for me here.

I created a new 2021 file from my Template.

It already contains my custom Render Style Folder.


I opened a second VW 2020 file (without even saving to 2021)


I switched back to make my 2021 file active.

In Resource Manager I dragged a Render Style from 2020 file tree

over in my 2021 Render Style folder.

I got the common question about a linked Render Background with

same name, chose my existing Background and the Renderstyle

came in.

I also tried annother RW Style by "import", was asked for my

Render Style Folder and the same question about the existing

Background and the second RW Style came over.


I'm on macOS 11 Big Sur, Intel Mac, latestSPs of VW 2020 + VW 2021

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I have never seen a RW Style going corrupt so far, but if it is in

this case when everything else imports fine (?)

would it be so hard to create it from scratch ?


As said in my case, usually imports always worked fine so far.


I think I created mine always from scratch, when not coming

already with the file.

(Like I do my VW Settings from scratch with each new VW version,

as there aren't that much settings, opposed to e.g. a custom Workspace)

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I think I understand now what you're trying to do. Open the file in 2021, then do Save As and navigate to your 2021 User Folder > Libraries > Defaults > Renderworks - Renderworks Styles and save the file in that location with whatever name you like.


Then restart Vectorworks and those styles should appear in all files alongside the defaults styles.


(If you don't know where your User Folder is you can go to Vectorworks Preferences > User Folder category)

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