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Incremented Push/Pull Tool


It's easy to use the Push/Pull Tool to brainstorm interesting shapes, but it's less simple to pull these shapes back into a buildable finished form.



If there was a setting to constrain to preset increments (every 1/2 inch or 1 cm for example) we would be able to limit our exuberances to real-world construction requirements. 


Smaller increments for interesting details and large increments for standardized building materials, no increments for full freedom of creation.

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@Jonathan Pickup Typing the size is what I do now.


But for quick modeling,  stopping to type 11'- 6 1/4" and then thinking no, just a bit more, and typing 12' 2 1/2", no a bit less and typing 12'1 3/4"....   honestly having to pop from "right brain" to "left brain" all the time isn't going to help with 'the flow' of sculpting space in 3D.


But if I knew I wanted things in the range of 3.65" increments for some reason (say I have some custom zellige tiles and I'm designing a water feature with many drops and basins) and I could set the tool to that increment, I could sculpt the space and stay in the creative mode - but know that it would work when I had to start figuring out tile placements.



As for snap to working plane, would that work (with no input on my side - got to stay in the flow!) in three dimensions? Up/down, left/right and those times when I want to shoot out at a weird almost 4th dimensional angle, but still not piss off my welder guy?




As an aside, I wanted to thank you for the videos you've made... So helpful in transitioning to this work space!

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