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Thomas Peters

Batch Editor for Record Fields


It would be really useful if there were a dialog where one could edit the contents of fields in a record in all objects that have it attached in the resource browser: much like the newish batch rename dialog.


To be clear, I'm asking to edit the data in records of objects in the resource browser, not those that are already inserted the document, which I would do in a worksheet if need be.

I'm looking to work more efficiently on my resources, before they go into a document. 


A step in the right direction would be even the ability to edit those fields directly in the bottom-right window of the Resource browser where they are currently only displayed.


See also: 



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Right click on the symbol in the resource manager and use the attach record command and edit the data there. 

does that go far enough?

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Thank you @markdd, that's the procedure for a single object, but I am looking to efficiently manage many objects without having to edit each symbol individually.

lot like @JBenghiat's Lighting Symbol Maintenance dialog that came with Savvy Symbol Key forever ago, except I want to edit a record that isn't the Light Info Record.


Use cases for example are adding new stock codes for a new vendor, modifying naming conventions, updating values, attaching a new field to a format that needs individual data for every object that carries it... I can go on. 


I'm open to other workflows as well?

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+1 from me. I’ve come across this issue as well. As someone who has the job of managing a library of symbols it would make it so much better to have better control of the data attached to symbol definitions.


Im sure there are some workarounds that help which I would be interested in too.


1 hour ago, Thomas Peters said:

attaching a new field to a format that needs data for every object that carries it

This is possible if the new data is the same for all symbols - just make sure the default value of the new record field is correct.




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