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@Kevin K I bought a cheap toy drone and flew it pretty much every day after work when I was in Kuwait.  This taught me basic flight dynamics and trained my brain on how to reach the controls.  Plus it was a lot of fun and could be done in my apartment when it was too hot to be outside.  That little drone didn't have a camera or any flight aids, it was completely manual and tricky to handle, kind of like trying to drive an RC car at first, but with a Z axis to worry about 🙂  I estimate that I had about 100 hours over 5 months with the toy drones and became an expert at controlling them.  I could fly it between legs of a chair, under cars, and land on book shelves at that point.  When I upgraded to a prosumer drone, flying was second nature and I could then work on camera control   and cinematography, a whole new challenge.


I've written a few posts about this stuff here on the forum.  This thread has a link to my first motorcycle video I shot with the prosumer unit and flown manually.  If you like photography/videography, it is a really fun way to capture the action to compliment gopro type footage.  Like anything though, you have to practice or the skills get rusty quick in my case.


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If you asked me "how much time does it take to drill a 1/2" hole in a 2x4?" I will not tell you "~1 min".


I will factor in:

loading up the car


unpacking gear

getting set up (drop cloths, safety glasses, etc)

layout of the center punch mark for drilling

setting up drill

drilling the hole

pack up the tool

clean up area

clean my way out of the house (did I make a mess?)

set the alarm

drive home

unpack gear

plug in batteries to chargers

document the work & file for invoicing


At this point I am free to work on something else & that is when the time for that job ends...

So the time it takes to do something is the total gross time vs net time...It's the total time you are occupied by the task...










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@digitalcarbon  I did a similar balcony design for an apartment building.   Instead of having the support brackets below we had a steel support (seat)  at the wall below the balcony and the angled rod connections back to the wall above the balcony ( similar to a canopy support)  This way most of the support structure was hidden in the guardrail design.

Also notice you are showing horizontal cable guards,  not allowed where I live as anything over 2' above grade needs to have a non climbable guardrail. 

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20 hours ago, grant_PD said:

Just out of curiosity, @digitalcarbon what part of building the model and setting up the views do you think took the most time?  


The 10hrs to make a 2d existing conditions drawing from the hand sketch...there were dims that were unclear in the hand sketch done by the architect...we had a lot of head scratching as to the meaning of what he sketched...somethings did not add up...If sketch was clearer then this 10hrs could have been less.


Everything else was straight forward as everything was direct modeled...no parametric...


Had I used parametric then there would have been a lot of data entered into the OIP but not all of that data would benefit detail drawings...


Then I would have had to add in 2d patching to my vps... and constant fiddling...


I have a architectural project on the horizon that will test my "direct modeling no parametric" method...(I'm sure it will take a beating in some areas)

When we type in data to the OIP for a parametric we need to ask ourselves "what does this actually get me in the way of my views & details?"

If the top view looks great but the side view or section is bad then what was the purpose of using the OIP?


Also thinking of not using Top/Plan for the plan but using a section cut to get the plan...this will make all my views look the same...we will see


Now if we want place holders with a general shape then ok use the parametrics... but for some reason the architect I have done work for has this "shop drawing" mentality and likes everything spelled out...of course all his stuff is high end residential... 



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