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Solid fills only print on white background

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I may just be missing something really simple, but I like to work with a black background and when I print a drawing to a black and white laser printer that contains solid fills, they do not appear as solid black objects. I only get the outline of the shape. If I change the screens background colour to white, it prints as intended. Anyone else experience this?.

P.S. I really miss the command T for trim.

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No. I don't want to print the black background. My problem is that I usually like to work with a black screen background but when I print a drawing that has walls for example, filled with solid hatching only the outline of the walls prints without the solid hatching that I have applied which should appear as solid black. If I change the screen background to white and then print I get the desired result. The walls now are filled solid black. I am using an HP 4MV printer and I did not have this problem with 8.5.2.

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