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Disappearing hanging position elements

livespace josha


Having an issue where all the elements of my hanging position disappear when I try to edit them or attach a load. 

3 truss structures, all set up as hanging positions. Various worksheets used to determine overall load, truss schedule, load by point, etc. 


Video attached with my problem...

All looks fine, and all my worksheets work as intended.

I double-click to edit the profile of the right structure, and all works as expected.

I do the same to the left structure, and nothing appears (even with all classes set to visible)

I exit the profile, and everything has disappeared, and all the elements have been deleted from the worksheets.


(one other issue is that the LED wall is attached to the wrong hanging position. When I try to remove it from the hanging position, the same issue noted above happens)




(running spotlight, without braceworks)

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