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Missing ConDoc Notes Manager

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I just opened our new copy of VWA9 and was extremely disappointed that the ConDoc Notes Manager is missing. I know the readme file hints at licensing problems (presumably with CSI?), but if this is resolved in the future will the ConDoc data be reinstated in an upgrade or an extra cost add-on? In the meantime, does anyone know of a source for the data or an add-on product?

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Don't know of a third party product that is licensed from CSI.

But as a member of CSI I would like to know what the problem hinted at is. If it could be helped by us CSI members lobbying (positive action), protesting (negative vibes) or whatever; I/we should do what is best for those who like to use CONDOC.

However we need to know what the problem is in order to address it correctly. And positively! Is the problem related to Cost? AutoCAD centric thinking? Other???

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

If we can get our problems straightened up, we will definitely re-instate ConDoc notes as a standard feature (i.e., no extra cost). Our perception was that ConDoc notes were not widely used, and since they had a licensing cost, this didn't make great business sense.

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rolleyes.gif" border="0 I miss the condoc feature. Especially after spending a few days loading pages and pages of notes into it, just in time to have it dissapear.... hmmm....

I'm having problems with the keynotes. Specifically associating a number with a specific note. Is this possible?


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