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Editing textures of Imported Models


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I have models created in Sketchup that I want to include in my Lumion file. Do I have to save my files a specific way to be able to explode imported models and adjust textures? I have had success doing so with some models but others have pieces that will not allow me to select textures.

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6 hours ago, Markvl said:

I'm following this thread as I too have some questions on textures attached to imported objects as meshes.  Once you open a mesh it looses the texture.  How does one restore the original texture?


Sadly once you edit the Mesh in any way (double clicking it, exploding it, or combining with another Mesh), the imported UV mapping disappears and there's no way to get it back. I really hope this gets improved at some point.


Note that you can do some basic editing of the original Mesh by marqueeing over vertices (while 'outside' of the mesh) then you'll get blue handles which you can drag around, effectively reshaping the Mesh. In this case the UV mapping stays (and is true UV mapping which stretches the texture - otherwise not possible in Vectorworks!). Meshes are a unique beast. Let us know if this helps or if you find other solutions.

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