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2 worksheet questions

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I am creating worksheets that contain Height and Spread values and have 2 querys.

Query 1. The Height is appearing OK...thanks to your help on my last issue [smile]

However I am expecting the Spread value on the Define Plant dialog to be displayed but am seeing the Spread that is displayed on the Set Plant Tool Options.

Select the Plant Settings button and the Spread that is displayed in the Set Default Plant Tool Options dialog is the one populated in the worksheet.

FYI the header used is:

='plant record'.spread

The end game for me is to show a worksheet with the spread and height from the Define Plant dialog.

Query 2. Ideally i would prefer to show the height and spread ranges from the Plant Reference DB. Can you help with the worksheet header values for these attributes?

thanks again for your help


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1. The spread that is displayed will be the actual drawn spread of the plant (which as you have seen, is what the plant tool sees.) If you don't change the default for the tool when you choose a plant from your catalog, this value should match the value in the plant definition.

2. The values for the stored height and spread ranges are as follows:


01: <=12in

02: >12 - 18in

03: >18 - 24in

04: >24 - 30in

05: >30in - 3ft

06: >3 - 5ft

07: >5 - 10ft

08: >10 - 15ft

09: >15 - 35ft

10: >35 - 50ft

11: >50 - 80ft

12: >80 - 100ft

13: >100ft


01: <=12in

02: >12 - 24in

03: >24 - 36in

04: >36in - 4ft

05: >4 - 7ft

06: >7 - 12ft

07: >12 - 20ft

08: >20 - 35ft

09: >35ft

The only way I know of to return these "verbose" values from the stored integer values is to use a nested IF() function.

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