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Slab component visibile in top/plan even if class is not visible




In Top/Plan view - both in DL and in SLVP - slab components are visibile even when component class is set to invisible.

In 3d views everything seems to work as expected. Is this working as designed?

I am running VW2021 SP2 on Mac OS Big Sur. Attached both video & vwx file. Thanks in advance for any help!





VW2021 - slab component.vwx

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Thanks @Pat Stanford for your kind and prompt reply. Yes I did.

Here running 2021 SP2 (Build 574483) localized italian on macOS 11.1 (20C69).


My target: having a top/plan view in a SLVP where the "lean concrete" component is not showing (lean concrete class "not visible") while I need to have it correctly rendered/visibile in model&sections. 

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In top plan view the components aren’t visible really. You see a graphic representation of the slab with all visible elements drawn in top view with the attributes as indicated in the style, not the components.

If you want to get a correct drawing of a slab, for a lot of reasons, you need to draw 2 slabs: one with the constructive floor, spreading over the whole surface of the building. And a bunch of “finish” slabs per space. That way you can have separate floor finish types per room.

And it will also allow you to do as you like.

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