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Importing DXF files

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I have been experiencing VW software freezes for quite a while and I have been documenting the different situations under which the freezing occurs, and the only common denominator that seems to be coming up, though not all the time is when I import DXF files exported from our old CAD software Architrion.

We have some older projects drawn in Architrion and sometimes are required to bring them forward into VW and occasionally this is when we have a crash. Has anyone else used Architrion in the past and had the same problem with exported DXF from the program or any other CAD software for that matter?.

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I have had the same problem w/ Architrion files. Several suggestions:

1. Check the DXF file in a text editor and be sure that it starts as follows:

0 <-- first line








EOF <-- last line

Often I find jiberish at the start and end of the file that AT has inserted. Also VERY common w/ MAC files from DXF.

2. Try exporting to an older version of DXF like 12. Sometimes the newer DXF translators are buggy.

Good Luck

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