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Using Word Text


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What you can do is as follows:

Copy your text from your Word document, now open the Graphic Editor in Word, Paste the text from the clipboard back into the Word graphic document, copy it again from this Word graphic document, and now, "Paste as Picture" in to your VectorWorks document and it will come in as an image with all formatting intact.

Here is another way to get notes into VectorWorks with formatting intact on a Mac using the LaserWriter Driver:

From your Word document, select the "Print" command. In the Print Dialog, scroll down the pull down menu list to the "Save as file" settings. We set these to "EPS enhanced preview", "Postscript level 1", ASCI format", and Font inclusion: "None".(if you choose to include fonts, the file size goes astronomical). Click the "Save" button, and choose a name and location for the EPS file.

Now go to VectorWorks and choose "Import EPSF", select your EPS file, and your formatted text document comes in beautifully.

Also, if you click the "Save Settings" button in the Print Dialog, your "Save as File" settings will be saved to the LaserWriter, and the next time you do an EPS you will not have to set any of this up.



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