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Change an objects class


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Hello all, I'm trying to change the class of a line from 'wall' to 'stair'. I can do this through object properties apparently, but my target 'stair' class doesn't show up in the object properties window. In fact, object properties 'classes' menu looks nothing like my navigation 'classes' menu. See attached screen shot.


The question, then, how do I make the object classes menu look like the navigation classes menu so I can alter object classes on the fly?


Hope that makes sense............438669501_Screenshot2020-12-16at16_20_18.thumb.png.a2f840b49d88470a5a0850c79401cc10.png

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You have to deactivate "Hierarchical Display".


I think Navigation Palette has its own setting from the

little Arrow, where you can deactivate "Hierachical Display"

as it looks, you did - for Navigation Palette.


But there is at least 1 other Setting somwhere - which is for other Palettes.

Not sure if it can be found in VW Settings and/or Oragnisation Palette.

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Yes, this for Navigation Palette only.


There is another Icon to switch in the Organization Palette > Classes Tab > bottom right.

Hope this finally controls all Class Lists appearance anywhere else.

(If Not there may be a third switch in VW Preferences ?)



^ It is !


VW Preferences > Session > "Display Classes in popup menus hierachical"  > OFF

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