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Measure roof height at any point



I have a roof. I want to measure the height of it at a specific point somewhere in the middle of its surface. How to achieve this ? 


What I used to do until now is use the 3D Locus Tool, click in the middle of my roof, select my 3D Locus, write down its Z value. It doesn't always work anymore. Beside this, I don't understand why something that should/could be simple, is so complicated. 


My general goal is to set the Z values of my pillars connecting two tilted geometries. If you have an easier way to achieve this, you are most welcomed ! 

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Draw a vertical Nurbs curve through the roof face at the point you want to measure the height of. Run the analysis tool in the first mode and select the nurbs curve then the roof face and a group containing 2 or more 3D loci depending on how many roof components you are using) will be placed where the objects intersected. One of the 3D loci will give you the height you are looking for in the Object Information Palette.

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The easiest way is to

  1. Activate the 3D Locus tool
  2. In Top View (or any non Top/Plan view)
  3. Make sure that Automatic Plane is activated
  4. Hover the cursor over the roof surface (It will highlight in Blue)
  5. Click to place the Locus.

The 3D Locus will be placed at the height of the roof surface at the point you indicated with the cursor.


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5 minutes ago, markdd said:

Great. Sorry, I thought that you had tried this option originally.

Don't ignore the Analysis tool though. It is a fantastically useful way of producing a range of points where objects intersect. Much underused in my opinion.....


I was confused because I couldn't find "Automatic Plan" anymore but it is actually  hidden until you select the 3D Locus tool. My bad. Sorry. By the way I'm happy to have learned the existence of this Analysis Tool. 

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