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Architecture firms that use Vectorworks?

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I work for a MEP/IT Engineering firm in Columbia, Maryland. We are located literally 5 minutes from Nemetschek North America's office so we have been using Vectorworks and Minicad since we first opened for business in 1993. We handle all types of commercial and public buildings and facilties and of course do business with Architects who use a variety of CAD packages. Obviously their are many inherent problems completing a job in Vectorworks for a client that uses AutoCAD or another piece of software.

Largely for that reason I thought it would be nice to find Architecture firms in our area that use Vectorworks. Think of all the headaches that could be eliminated from both sides of the project if the entire design team was using the same CAD software. We have offices in Columbia, MD, Washington, DC, Salisbury, MD, and Pittsburgh PA, however we have completed jobs all up and down the East Coast.

If you work for an Architecture firm that would be interested in establishing a working relationship with a VectorWorks using MEP firm, please drop me a line and I will have our Marketing Department get in touch with you. Please check out our website for more information about our company. We look forward to sending our files to you without conversion. =)


Philip Van der Vossen

Network and System Administrator

Graphic Designer

Allen & Shariff Corporation http://www.AllenShariff.com

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Hello Phillip:


I am from ARQvision. An architecture firm located in Santiago of Chile, South America. I started using ClarisCAD for Macintosh since 1995, when I was studying in the University.
In 1996 change to MiniCAD as well. And naturally, when found my firm in 1999 I was using VectorWorks as well. In 2005 we implement BIM in our process, and we aren't stoped.





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