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I think that a "re rendering" confirmation is needed before VW starts going to town on a custom render works setting. I can't tell you how many times I will be working on something after trying a rendering setting, and thinking I am no longer in a render mode and then all of a sudden, VW re renders because I switched views slightly or hit a button that starts the thing over. Then, of course, things start to get disjointed, pixilated, and my button clicks all lag to the point where I can even stop the rendering because my keystrokes don't register in real time and I can't figure out the magical key stroke to stop the thing. (escape escape I think). How about a pop up or some sort of giant  red "STOP RENDER" button that is in an obvious area.  Also, and perhaps more importantly, how about a "PAUSE RENDER" button also so I can look at other stuff when I need to keep working on things, and then hit resume when I have the time to go back to it.

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There is actually a pop-up that warns exactly this, but perhaps at some point in the past the "Always do this" checkbox was checked...

To reset this you'd have to go to Vectorworks Preferences > Session > Reset Saved Settings button > second checkbox > OK.


Also, it sounds like you're rendering directly on the Design Layer. It's a bit easier to render on a Sheet Layer with viewports for some of the reasons you're describing (there is no 'Pause,' but with Viewports you can continue to work while it renders). Let us know if you want any further info on this.

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