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VW 2020 and MacBook Pro 13"

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Good afternoon,


We are thinking about buying new MacBook Pro 13"'s for our small architecture firm.

We use VW 2020 and don't necessarily update the next couple of years. We just buy stand alone every 4 to 5 years, which works perfectly.

The VW provider in the Netherlands tells us not to buy the MacBook Pro since it has an intel iris graphic card. 

This is however the best 13" laptop out there, and we really need to travel with the laptop a lot. 


Are there people with experience with the 2020 MacBook Pro 13", 16 GB our 32 GB, 1TB, intel iris graphics?

Are there problems known to this laptop and VW 2020? We use it 2D and 3D.


Looking forward to the reactions,

kind regards,


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Yes, the onboard IRIS GPU is not recommended for VW.

Unfortunately the (Intel) 13" MBP doesn't offer any better GPU options at all.

I would not want to work that way.


But since the M1 Macbook Pro 13" with Apple Silicon SoC is out,

why interested at all in slower old Intel version, which is slower

in CPU and GPU.


VW 2020 SP5 and VW 2021 SP2 are M1 ready as they are via Rosetta Emulation

which seems to work pretty OK.

VW 2022 or later will be even optimized for Apple Silicon.


If you can wait 3-12 months, there may be even more powerful Apple Silicon offers

with more than todays max 16 GB RAM.

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Thanks for the reply zoomer, we would like 1 TB storage space.

Of course we have documents online, but we feel it's good to have them off line at our disposal as well.

Do you know people (on fora) who have written about their experience of a MacBook Pro 13" M1 with VW 2020?

Thanks again

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Yes, there are already quite a few Threads about VW and Big Sur or M1 devices.


The current M1 devices offer up to 2 TB SSDs.

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