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3D disappears when switching from 2D

Sebastiaan Devos


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42 minutes ago, Christian Fekete said:

@Matt Panzer Here is another simplified model for you to look at. When you open the drawing you will find selected, a ghosted piece of lumber, but this item and others will show up in wireframe mode. This ghosted lumber piece shows as a solid addition. When you open it and try to close it that there is a message indicating an impossible addition. This may be an issue but what about the other missing items, 

I have other files with entire parts of drawings showing the same (or rather not showing ). Could it be an issue with OpenGL rendering?Untitled 1.vwx



In Vectorworks 2021: When I select any one of the invisible objects, the Object Info palette says it's a "Failed Subtraction".  However, if you double-click on one to edit the solid subtraction and exit back out, the object does show and the Object Info palette says it's a "Solid Subtraction".  The file looks like it was originally created in Vectorworks 2018 so maybe a version between 2018 and 2020 had trouble creating the subtraction from the geometry?  I will say that the solids have a strange (seemingly unnecessary) history of additions and subtractions.

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