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Kim Bailey

Vectorworks 2013 saved file image icon of drawing


So when using Vectorworks 2012 anytime I saved a drawing the file icon of the drawing would show the last view I had before I saved and closed the file.  However in 2013, that feature seems to have gone away or I can not find the setting to make it show the drawings last view when saved.  At present, when I save a file on the Mac running High Sierra, the Vectorworks logo is displayed and not the files last view.  Like a PDF or some JPGS, you can see the image of the file as an icon, but for some reason the 2013 Vectorworks does not create an image on the save file... Any thoughts on this?

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This function has remained present in every version at least since Vectorworks 2014 when I started using it professionally. NOTE: That this functionality does not extend to backup files. They get one image that doesn't update with subsequent changes. 


First and foremost, if you're using Vectorworks 2013 on OS X 10.13 (High Sierra) you should know that version of Vectorworks was not written to work on that operating system. This alone could be the reason for this condition, but: If it was working on this operating system before but has stopped working, then you probably need to: 

  • Restart your Mac. If that doesn't resolve it; 
  • Reset Vectorworks Preferences and if that doesn't resolve it; 
  • Uninstall then Reinstall Vectorworks. 

Irrespective of your use of such an old version of Vectorworks, working on a computer so old will likely mean you miss out on a huge increases in efficiency offered by new hardware and you will probably incur many different time-consuming and frustrating problems trying to keep such an old system useful. If you're using this professionally, there would be very very few circumstances where it didn't make more sense to buy new hardware and keep it current. 

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Thanks for the help on this.  I have switched back to 2012 since for me Vectorworks is more for personal use than anything else.  My settings on preview icons is selected and the 2012 files still show the preview.  I do like some of the features 2013 has, but the lack of a preview is an issue since the majority of my files I make sure have a reference icon for my workflow.  


As for 2013 workaround, I do a screen shot, then open in preview, select the area that makes sense to see, then go back to the file, get info and then paste the image onto the icon in the get info window.  Long process but it works.  Thank goodness I did not draw too many files in 13 as to make life a problem since 2012 can not open a 2013 file.

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