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Help with executing the tool command

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Hello everybody, I have created a tool command and call it up via an icon button. I have the problem that I first have to click in the drawing area before I can work with the actual command. What did I do wrong?


c= 'Bemaßung'

import vs;
def CustTool():
    Result = vs.SetDefaultBeginningMarker(0, 15, 0.118103, 0.000000, 34, 0.050000, False); 
    Result = vs.SetDefaultEndMarker(0, 15, 0.118103, 0.000000, 34, 0.050000, False);
    Name = '';
    if vs.Name2Index(Name) > 0:


Dim_Std = {} #Dictionary of  Name and Index Number

while v !=1:
    vs.LinearDim((0,0), (0,0), 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)
    v=vs.GetObjectVariableInt(h,0) #if 1 the function switched to 1 because of an error
    if v !=1:
        Dim_Std[n] = v

vs.SetDimStd (Dim_Std.get(Choose_Standard));

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Your script calls SetTool(), so when you click in the drawing, then the script runs and sets the tool. The second click is the first click of the actual tool.


Your options are either to run your command from a menu or tool palette, or rely on GetPt() etc and create the dimension via code rather than with it's tool. This is a limitation of VS-based tools.

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No apologies necessary.


Vectorscript and Python are going to be the same in terms of functionality, though if you are new to scripting, using Python has the advantage of being a modern language with a lot of learning resources of anything outside the Vectorworks API, as opposed to Vectorcript, which is a proprietary version of PASCAL. Both, however, are run-time languages, so they depend on a singular trigger to run, in this case, clicking in the drawing.


The solution depends on what you are trying to make easier and who your audience is. If these are just to automate your workflow, just move your code form a tool to a menu, and you're basically done.


If you want something a little more user-oriented, you have to build your own tool. Your end result might be to run this command:


You can gather the end points with this:


or this:


Find an example of collecting points in Python here: https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:GetPt

If you also want to set the distance from the object, you need to get a third point.


You can associate objects with a dimension with this command: https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:AssociateLinearDimension


I can't recall if the tools will count the first click as the first point. You may need to use a TempTool to retrieve the first click:


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