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Can we set a pattern as a pen style for a hatch?

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Can we set a pattern as a pen style for a hatch? 


I tried a few times but could only manage to get a solid color not a hatch pattern as a pen style while creating hatch.




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I'm pretty sure it's not possible with an actual Hatch.


You could try creating a Tile fill instead - you can set the linework within the Tile geometry to have a patterned pen.

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Thanks @Andy Broomell I was able to create a tile, but unfortunately I'm unable to  assign it as a surface hatch to a texture.


@Christian Fekete Thanks for asking it. I want my roof to show in exterior elevation (hidden line rendering) with a hatch pattern (Pen style to have pattern not solid).


To be very clear, I've attached a VW file (V 2020) and PDF to show want I'm trying to achieve. Please take a look at it.


Would be grateful for your help.


Thank you,



Query with Surface Hatch V 2020.pdf

Query with Surface Hatch V 2020.vwx

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@Rishie it is possible to make a hatch resembling the one you show, but using a series of repeated short lines rather than a Pattern pen style. This is how hatches are constructed: by arranging repeating patterns of lines on top of each other in layers (or 'levels' as they're called). But it would be quite a lot of work. If you edit this hatch you can see it has four levels, each a different dashed line which when viewed together forms the overall pattern:


So you could do something similar. But the short answer to your question like @Andy Broomell says is unfortunately no!


Incidentally, if anyone's interested I recently discovered that in Germany they have a 'Convert Into Hatch' command in the Modify menu which would make this kind of thing much much simpler to do!


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56 minutes ago, Rishie said:

but unfortunately I'm unable to  assign it as a surface hatch to a texture.


Indeed that's currently not possible. But I very much wish it were! Or it would be great to have the ability to convert a line drawing into a hatch as Tom mentions, because the Hatch Editor interface is esoteric garbage.


In any case, Tom is correct that the only way to achieve what you showed is an actual Hatch resource that has multiple little lines instead of long solid ones.


If it were me, I'd just take the hatch, keep it solid lines, and simply make it a grey pen color with a thinner lineweight. Not exactly what you're wanting but at least better than the harsh black default.

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if you can use a texture associated with a pattern ( textures with RT at the end of the name in the resource browser) and associate this texture to your roof in the texture tab of the OIP, the roof will  show with a hatch in hidden line elevation and in plan

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